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Placement Services

Let Praxis help you find the a teaching position that is the right fit for you. 

Kindergarten Guide

Our placement services will help you find your teaching job. 

We can help with the process of searching for and landing a teaching job at a school where your career will take off. You can choose from various levels of service, from simple resume and cover letter coaching to helping you prepare for interviews.  Our consultants will help you develop your teaching portfolio, assist you with finding jobs to which you want to apply, guiding you as you apply for positions and preparing for your interviews. We will even support you through the process of accepting a position and signing the contract and selecting your benefits. 

Whether you are looking for your very first teaching job or wanting to make a move to a different school, Praxis is here for you. We know the landscape. Our consultants have experience hiring teachers for schools, so we know what schools are looking for and what they avoid. 


We also recruit teachers for both public and private schools, so we can match you with one of our clients who may be looking for a teacher with your experience, your education and your profile. The process of finding a job and landing it  can be difficult, and once you get that offer, you may want help negotiating salary. Or, you may get two offers and have to decide which one is best for you.


We have been helping classroom teachers and educators find a job they like for years. Our consultants are or were teachers and appreciate how important it is to get up each morning and go to a teaching job you like, where you belong, and we want to help you land that job, one you where you will stay. We also offer remote or in person coaching services throughout your first year as a  teacher, so you will never feel alone. We will be there. Call or email us to get started. 

"Praxis helped me find the perfect teaching

position at a school that feels like home."

                               -- Zach Watson,

                              STEM Teacher

                              Valley Collaborative

"The Praxis placement consultant helped me find a teaching job doing what I love."

                                --Katie Tobin. 

                                ELA Teacher

                                Lawrence High School

"The Praxis placement consultant has always been available when I needed him. Without his advice, I wouldn’t be working in a school that I love and teaching these wonderful students."

                                --Stephanie Tgibides

                               ELA Teacher

                               Lawrence High School

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