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I would 100% recommend praxis-group consultants to other educators. They have provided me with strategies that have helped me improve my practice dramatically.

Kevin Tan
ELA Teacher
Wellesley High School


24/7 Problem Solving

Whether you’re seeking advice about curriculum, classroom management or getting a teaching job, we can help. Our consultants will show you options you didn't know you had, explain to you that what you thought were liabilities are really opportunities, even advantages, and they will stand by you when things aren't working out for you, supporting you as you move forward.

Stephanie Tgibides


Lawrence High School
Lawrence, MA

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My Praxis consultant has always been available when I needed him. Without his advice, I wouldn’t be working in a school that I love and teaching these wonderful students. He is my first call when I need help with a teaching problem.

Nick Massaro


Dracut High School
Dracut, MA


Not only did the Praxis consultant expose me to ideas, thoughts, and philosophies that have been instrumental to my development as an educator, he helped and inspired me to find my strengths as a both person and a teacher.

Melissa Tse


Belmont Public Schools
Belmont, MA

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The Praxis consultant went the extra mile for me. When a job offer fell though, I quickly contacted praxis, and the consultant's advice helped me land a new offer, that has turned out to be a even better job than the first offer. 

Zach Watson


Valley Collaborative
Billerica, MA

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 5.29.38 PM.png

No matter what kind of problem I throw at them, the praxis consultant seemed to know exactly what to do with it, and then he showed me how to capitalize on the situation in that moment. But that's not all, he took things one step further, showing me how to learn from a situation, for the next time. He is my first call, when I need help with my work as a teacher.

Mikayla Visconti

Greater Lowell Technical High School
Tyngsborough, MA

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Praxis helped me transform my teaching.  Their coach increased my confidence and helped me build a community of learners in my classroom by encouraging me to try teaching methods that match my personality.

Katie Tobin


Greater Lawrence Technical High School

Andover, MA

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 5.46.03 PM.png

The Praxis consultants have helped me to navigate the education system. No matter the question or hurdle, they are ready to help. 


Recruitment Services

Finding teachers, administrators and support staff for schools is hard work. And, finding the right people to work in your program, people who will add value to your program, who will stay and grow there, is even more difficult. On average it costs $17,000 to replace a teacher when he or she leaves a district. That does not include any compensation; that's administrative costs only. For principals, curriculum directors and other school leaders that number is even higher.  Let us help. We will help you find, train and support new faculty, administrators and staff, so they will be productive, will stick around and will add value to the educations of your students. 


John has been an incredible resource for Lowell High School. Not only is he very involved and  invested in the success of his practicum students, he has also partnered with us to find quality candidates when we have needed to fill teaching positions. Everyone of the candidates he has referred to us has been a standout professional and a great addition to our team.

Suzanne Keefe
Department Chair
Lowell High School
Lowell, MA


What’s Being Said About Dr. John Brown

Dr Brown has been a consultant for our school's therapeutic team for over a year. He has supported both the staff and the administrators through difficult challenges. He has observed and interacted with students. Staff and students alike appreciate his easy going manner, his energy, and his knowledge and experience in the field as a former high school teacher and a college professor of education. Dr Brown has been diligent about collecting information to help both support the work we do with students as well as create systems we can use to assess and work with students. This includes a student database and a student support team for students with social and emotional difficulties. Dr Brown brings a new perspective to the work we are doing and his consultation work has been invaluable. I highly recommend Dr Brown.

Charlene Gormley Abebe MSW, LCSW, School Adjustment Counselor
Bedford Public Schools
Bedford, MA

John Brown joined us to help kick-off the school year with a two-hour workshop on best practices in student engagement. John was able to focus our group with specific, real-world and applicable strategies for relationship building during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of offering resources or lecturing philosophies, John introduced the teaching team to an inclusive model for workshopping problems, coached the team through the process, and then guided teachers through a workshop—all responding toward issues teachers brought to the conversation. It worked because John was able to connect what mattered most to teachers and match this with his own experience, and then tailor the time spent to meet teachers’ needs. If you want an all-inclusive, responsive, current, and reflective professional development, John Brown is for you.

David Hough

Director of Education

Walden Street School

Concord, MA




Nancy Toso

Director of Training & Program Development 

Imagine That, Lawrence, MA

Dr. Brown is a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced educator who develops and presents high impact professional development programs to practitioners in a variety of settings. He is an expert on a broad range of topics, including

 curriculum design, working with children from diverse backgrounds, and child/adolescent development and behavior. Dr. Brown has the ability to connect with workshop participants in a way that helps them create new understandings and perspectives. His professional development programs are interactive and engaging, allowing participants to construct their own knowledge and develop strategies to incorporate this into their daily practice.


Kayleagh Morrisey,

ELA Teacher

Nashoba Regional

High School

Bolton, MA

Dr. Brown is a once in a lifetime consultant whom any educator would be lucky to know. He goes above and beyond what is required to see that his clients succeed. I would not be where I am as a teacher had it not been for Dr. Brown’s consistent guidance, steadfast support, and constant belief in me.

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