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Meet Dr. Brown

John Brown is a Clinical Associate Professor of Education at the University of Massachusetts - Lowell College of Education. As a secondary school educator for 19 years and a teacher of teachers since 2012, he has devoted his life to education and has made it his mission to bring to light the silent struggle teachers often face and offer not only empathy but also solutions. John has a doctorate in literacy from Salem State University and enjoys spending time skiing and fishing with his family.

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"As teachers we must attend to a sincere and unflinching reflection of our use of force...Unless we are aware, reflective, sensitive and know what triggers our unconscious behaviors, unless we are watchful and take the first steps to be brave enough to be vulnerable, our students and their thoughts, theories and ideas will remain hidden from us and from them."
- John Brown Ed.D.


The Use of Force and Fear in Education (coming soon)

More than just a text on teaching, this book is designed to be the help that teachers need for day-to-day problem solving, grounded in 19 years of screwing it up, learning and soldiering on. The guidance shared aligns with education research and theory but is not about research and theory. It is about the job of teaching. 


Unlike other resources teachers access to guide their practice, this book offers more than strategies. It offers new ways of thinking about overcoming the challenges of teaching that are often overlooked and not found in other texts, in professional development, or in "teacher school".


Honest, candid, and relatable, Use of Force and Fear in Education seeks to help teachers accept that being ill-prepared for teaching is normal. Teachers who read this book will reference it as an accurate, clear and bold text that is self-effacing but not confessional. 


A readable, easy to use and entertaining book, readers will revisit it again and again as they reflect on their practice - new teachers and veteran teachers alike.


Other Publications

  • Brown, J. (2022). Should Shakespeare Be Taught High School? The Leaflet, in press. (Winter).

  • Brown, J. (2019). What Is Pedagogy? And, why it’s important for teachers to consider? educate, (Spring).

  • Brown, J. (2019). What is my role as a teacher? The Leaflet, 118 (Winter) 25-29.

  • Brown, J. (2018). Freewriting: Where did it come from? Why should we use it? How does it work? The Leaflet, 117 (Winter) 34-40.

  • Brown, J. (2003). The big screen: Using the data projector in the writing classroom. Learning and Leading in Education.

  • Brown, J. (2000). Who should decide if the kids can graduate? Billerica Minuteman.

Selected Presentations

  • Mindset over Methods - New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS) Annual Conference, 2022

  • Teacher Trauma and Transformation - Eastern Educational Research Association 42nd Annual Conference, February 2019 - Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

  • Teacher panel as an Alternate Professional Developmental Model - Critical Questions in Education Conference (Academy for Educational Studies), March 2018 - Portland, OR

  • Progressive Approaches to Teaching Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage -  Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Annual Convention, March 2017 - Portland, OR

  • Building Teacher Effectiveness Through the Use of Teacher Personal Narrative - AACTE 68th Annual Meeting, February 2016 - Las Vegas, NV

  • Fieldtrip as Field Experience: Preparing Candidates to Plan, Supervise and Embed a Trip to Boston’s MFA Into the Curriculum - The Massachusetts Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Conference (MACTE), October 2015 - Worcester, MA

  • Progressive approaches to teaching grammar, punctuation, and usage - Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Annual Convention , March 2015 - Tampa, FLA

  • Narrative landscapes as a new form of data for the professional development of teachers - National Council for the Teaching of English Annual Convention (NCTE), November 2014 - Washington D. C.

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Greg Cunningham of JFY Networks interviews Dr. Brown about his journey in education and the creation of the Teacher Leadership Network.

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