Teacher and Pupil

We can help you find the teachers, staff or administrators your school needs.

Let us find who you are looking for

Finding the teacher, paraprofessional or principal who is the right fit for your school, is time consuming. We can help with the process. We will conduct the entire search from posting the position to interviewing the qualified candidates, presenting you with the top candidates. Or, you can choose a different level of service. You may want to post the position yourself, but you need us to sort the applications as they come in. Or, perhaps you want us to discreetly approach a professional educator who works at another school who you believe might work well at your school, on your behalf. We can do that too. Staffing needs don't have to distract you. We can reduce the workload so you can focus on hiring the person who is the right fit for your school.

We can visit with you on your campus to learn about the character of your school so we can accurately help you find the educator who fits your school culture. Or, we can work remotely to attract as many qualified candidates as possible. We understand that hiring decisions are important. Selecting the person who will work with your students every day is critical to the success of your program. 

We have successfully placed educators in positions where they still work today. Give us a call or email us to find out how we can help you. 

Praxis connected me with a gifted candidate who entered the candidate pool and quickly rose to the top. Thanks to this recruit, we were able to launch our school year smoothly with a teacher who blended seamlessly into our department.

                                                                                             Todd Wallingford

                                                                                             Director of Humanities 

                                                                                             Hudson Public Schoolss