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Children Arriving at School

Our Mission

Praxis-Group is committed to effective, equitable and authentic teaching and learning for teachers and students. Our professional development programs prepare teachers to be caring, mindful and professional. Our courses are primarily practical and skills-based, meeting the needs of 21st century teachers. 


Our Goals

•Effective planning of curriculum and sound pedagogical methodologies.

•Physical, emotional and mentally safe and healthy classrooms.

•Social and emotional learning.

•Differentiated instruction.

•Student and teacher health and well-being. 

•Discipline-specific subject matter and content area knowledge. 

•Racial, gender, neurological and cultural equity and social justice.

•Understanding of the professional standards for teaching. 

•Caring and constructive classroom management. 

•Developing student-centered learning environments. 

•Legal, ethical and moral responsibilities.

•Reflective and critical pedagogical practice. 

•21st century academic, vocational and life skills.

•Understanding various learning theories and research-based teaching methods.

•Excellent oral, written and technological literacy skills. 

•Authentic, meaningful and instructor designed assessment. 

•Developing an ethos of professional collaboration.

•Innovative, experiential and inquiry-based instructional models. 

•Understanding of developmentally appropriate methods and curricula.

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