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Our PD Model

Working with you. Not talking at you.

Children Arriving at School

No More One and Done Trainings

We are teachers, so we know that “drive-by” professional development does not work. So, we work with you to design effective trainings that lead to positive and sustainable change. This only happens when professional development is engaging, relevant, long-term, and tailored to the needs of the teachers.

PRAXIS professional development provides learning experiences that have impact on teachers’ practice, and ultimately improve student learning. We draw from teacher education research that professional development must:

  • be sustainable & school-wide

  • include peer-coaching

  • focus on teacher knowledge

  • provide opportunities for: peer-collaboration & teacher-leadership

  • be fully supported and reinforced by school leadership

  • changing culture is more effective than introducing new strategies

When you choose to bring PRAXIS into your school or district, we will work to build a professional development plan with you that meets your specific needs. We encourage our clients to use a peer-coaching model, staffed by veteran classroom teachers and trained by us.  We find that trained coaches are an essential part of any model and will lead to long term improvements. They are neither forced nor resisted. We strongly believe that true collaboration is more than simple "buy in." It is a holistic ethos that is neither top down, nor bottom up. The best professional learning has its origins in the very hearts and minds of the professional educators who are situated at the center of each program's core, where the specific values about how to help children learn reside. 

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