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Research-Based Strategies

We offer a variety of consulting services that are designed specifically to fit your needs. Are you the principal of a large inner-city school who needs to hire a math teacher? Or, are you the director of a small child-care program who needs curriculum alignment? No matter what your needs are, we are here to provide the guidance you need.

Giving a Speech

Professional Development

Helping You Help Students

We customize and deliver training where and when you want it, and in ways that will meet the needs of your staff. We implement a variety of effective models, including: workshops, Socratic seminars, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, collaborative coaching, critical friends PLCs, and other innovative models. We do not believe in the traditional PD "in service" model where teachers are trained by an expert, listening passively, while the expert (who often never returns) talks down at them. Our model is different. We are problem-solvers who want to work WITH your teachers, instead of talking down at them. 

We offer PD in the following areas. 

• Mindfulness in the Classroom • Teaching All Students • Social & Emotional Learning • Student Engagement • Classroom Management • Project-Based Learning • Student Motivation • Understanding By Design • Competency-Based Instruction • Universal Design for Learning •  Research-Based Literacy Practices • Experiential Learning • Strategies for Writing Instruction • Curriculum Design •  Models of Student Assessment • Cyber-Safety • Innovative Instructional Strategies • Student Grouping • Pre & Post Testing  •  Grading Practices • Plagiarism & Cheating • EdTech  • Teaching Reading in the Content Areas • Writing Across The Curriculum • 1:1 Device Implementation  • Gay & Gender Rights • Curriculum Mapping • Selection of Instructional Materials • Bullying Prevention • School Turnaround • Skills-based Instruction • Learning Disabilities • Behavior Problems • Trauma

Business Meeting

Curriculum & Instruction

Advice That Will Show You All Your Options

We will match you with a consultant who will analyze and confront the challenges you face and present you with not just  options, but opportunities. We have experienced consultants who will walk with you as you face problems, help make changes, and seek solutions. We are not merely results-oriented. We look for areas where potential growth already exists as well as places where pitfalls can be avoided. We will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process. 

If you are trying to find the right instructional approach for your program, implement a new curriculum, or assist a struggling teacher- we want to help. 

If you need help mapping curriculum, selecting instructional materials, or reviewing instructional technology- we are here for you. 


Recruitment of Quality Faculty and Administration

We Can Help You Find the Best People for Your Organization.

Schools are only as good as the people who work in them. And finding the teacher or principal who is the right fit for your school, program, or organization can be time consuming.


Hiring a teacher or principal who leaves prematurely can be an enormous distraction for you, your team and the students. It can be an expensive process as well. We will help you find the right people and help you keep them, too. The research on attrition suggests that 25% of new hires in schools leave in the first few years. These new hires usually leave shortly after they were hired because there was a poor fit. We can help your school reduce the chances that this will happen. 

And you know how time consuming, draining, and expensive it is to conduct a search, make the candidate an offer, hire, and train that person only to have him or her leave inside of a year. 

Most school leaders do not know exactly how expensive it premature attrition is. 

According to a study conducted by the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future, the total cost of replacing one teacher in the Chicago Public Schools was an estimated $17,872.  And The US Department of Labor estimates that teacher "attrition costs an employer 30% of the leaving employee’s salary."

If you want PRAXIS to conduct the entire search from posting the position to interviewing qualified candidates, we can do that and then present you with a short list of vetted candidates to choose from. Alternatively, we can make the best candidate an offer for you. 

You can also choose another level of service. For example, you may want to post the position, but you need us to sort the applications, check the references and set up interviews for you. 

Maybe you want us to approach a professional who works at a rival school, one you believe will be an important part of your team. On your behalf we will discreetly reach out to that person to see if he or she is interested in making a move. 

Staffing needs don't have to weigh you down. We can reduce the workload, the politics, and the risk for you in whatever ways meet your individual needs. 

We may already know someone who would be perfect for your program and who is ready for a change. 

*Barnes, Gary, Edward Crowe, and Benjamin Schaefer. "The Cost of Teacher Turnover in Five School Districts: A Pilot Study." National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (2007).

Reaching a Deal

Conflict Resolution

Unlock the Power of Individuals and Teams So Your Whole Organization Can Flourish

Disagreement does not have to affect the way your organization delivers instruction. Whether your school is locked in contract negotiations and wants to avoid mediation, high legal fees, and organizational discord, or there is an ongoing dispute stemming from personality conflicts and differing leadership styles- we can help. 


Sometimes an outsider can see through the fog of emotion that comes from a history of disagreement. Often it takes someone from a group like ours to facilitate positive communication so you can move forward.

In the end, we all want the same thing- for our students to be successful. And it is possible for good people to disagree about how to accomplishing this while still working together without caving in, without feeling defeated, and without losing face. 

We know how facilitate cultural collaboration where disharmony has taken root without involving lawyers, without firing good people, without watching good people leave, without striking, and without a decrease in productivity and morale. 

Let us help before rifts widen. The earlier an organization faces its internal conflicts, the easier it is to overcome the obstacles that divide people. 

Teacher and Student

Classroom & Leadership Coaching

Building on Strengths While Reflecting on Instruction for Continuous Improvement

We are committed to helping classroom teachers, school leaders and other educational personnel develop their pedagogical and managerial skillsets without being prescriptive, overly critical, or shaming them. We only work with professional educators who have dedicated themselves to helping children attain the basic skills they need to be productive adults. We do not believe it is effective or appropriate to correct their approach, but instead understand that helping our clients reflect on their own performance creates sustainable improvement. 

Through on-site observations, debriefing, reflective writing, PLCs and collaborative 360 models we will facilitate the dissemination of best practices in your district. At the same time, this will catalyze professional relationships that potentially allow for individual educators, academic departments, educational programs and entire districts to develop autonomy and excellence in their instructional competency.

If your school would benefit from an instructional coach to advise and assist teachers, but your budget does not allow for a full time coaching position to be created- call us. 

If you know a teacher who is struggling with classroom management, student engagement, planning, assessment, student-teacher interactions or another issue, and whom you know cares about students, but you are unsure how to help- call us. 

If you are on a leadership team of mostly young, inexperienced professionals who have few or no veteran administrators to guide them, and though you think you know what to do, there are some issues that you face that they did not teach in graduate school- call us. 

If you have a veteran teacher working for you who was once one of the very best in the school but has since burnt out, fallen behind with modern technology, instructional methods, and content area theory and research, who has become less invested over time but who is not ready to retire, and you are unsure how to help- call us. 

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