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K-12 Literacy Curriculum & Instruction

What a child can do in cooperation today, he can do alone tomorrow.

Lev Vygotsky

Our Approach

Our literacy consultants work with communities in varying capacities. From program support for individual students to systemic reform of district literacy curricula. Grounded in constructivist learning theory and current research on teaching reading & writing, our consultants work to match curriculum objectives and activities with your students’ level of readiness.  We seek to motivate, not frustrate, students and teachers in the process of learning to read, write and think. Our unique approach to professional development lies in our knowledge of research based instructional techniques balanced with a knowledge of human development.

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This is Our Work

  • Designing grade based, year long plans for reading assessment that inform instruction

  • Design teacher literacy workshops around system, school or grade needs

  • Demonstrate Best Practices for classrooms, through working with small groups and with individual students

  • Observe teachers while teaching and provide suggestions for alternative methods

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It's what we do

  • Help schools create leveled book collections for guided reading

  • Train special educators in diagnostic reading assessments

  • Reviewing diagnostic reading reports

  • Designing Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for students in special education who have not 
made adequate progress in literacy

  • Assist text adoption committees when selecting appropriate texts and associated materials for every level and content area. 

Learn to Read
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