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Teacher and Student

Building on Strengths While Reflecting on Instruction for Continuous Improvement

Instructional Coaching

We are committed to helping classroom teachers, school leaders and other educational personnel develop their pedagogical and managerial skillsets without being prescriptive, overly critical or shaming them. We only work with professional educators who have dedicated themselves to helping children attain the basic skills they need to be productive adults. We do not believe it is effective or appropriate to correct their approach, but instead understand that helping our clients reflect on their own performance creates sustainable improvement. 

Through on-site observations, debriefing, reflective writing, PLCs and collaborative 360 models we will facilitate the dissemination of best practices in your district. At the same time, this will catalyze professional relationships that potentially allow for individual educators, academic departments, educational programs and entire districts to develop autonomy and excellence in their instructional competency.

If your school would benefit from an instructional coach to advise and assist teachers, but your budget does not allow for a full time coaching position to be created- call us. 

If you know a teacher who is struggling with classroom management, student engagement, planning, assessment, student-teacher interactions or another issue, and whom you know cares about students, but you are unsure how to help- call us. 

If you are on a leadership team of mostly young, inexperienced professionals who have few or no veteran administrators to guide them, and though you think you know what to do, there are some issues that you face that they did not teach in graduate school- call us. 

If you have a veteran teacher working for you who was once one of the very best in the school but has since burnt out, fallen behind with modern technology, instructional methods, content area theory and research, who has become less invested over time but who is not ready to retire and you are unsure how to help- call us. 

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