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Helping Your AfterSchool Program Care for Children

Delivering customized trainings where & when you need them

Praxis-Group has the Professional Development you have been looking for. We use a variety of effective models, including: workshops, seminars, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, collaborative coaching, facilitated PLCs and other innovative models on a wide variety of topics.

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We offer 40+ trainings specifically for AfterSchool Programs including...

• Teaching Socially-Distanced & Face to Face

• Using Hybrid/Streaming Teaching Models

Curriculum Planning & Design

• Integrating Social & Emotional Learning

• Implementing Mindfulness in the Classroom

• Teaching All Students

• Engaging Students

• Improving Classroom Management

• Developing Project-Based Learning

• Enhancing Student Motivation

• Using Inter-disciplinary Curriculum Design

• Teaching Tolerance

• Creating a Positive Program Culture

• Defining Implicit Bias 

• Using Experiential Learning

• Exploring  New Curriculum Design Models

• Preventing and Responding to Bullying

• Enhancing Cyber-Safety

• Using Innovative Instructional Strategies

• Examining Student Grouping Schema 

• Understanding Gay & Gender Rights

• Supporting Transgender Students

• Re-Designing Your Learning Environment

• Creating Curriculum Maps 

• Building a Program Library

• Yoga for Children

• Understanding Behavioral Disabilities

• Understanding Learning Disabilities

• Creating an Anti-Racist Curriculum

• Considering Gender-Equity

• Selection of Instructional Materials

• Restorative Justice

• Collaborative Planning

• Co-Teaching

• Dealing with Difficult Student Behavior

• Partnering with Parents

• Making Safety Central

• Planning Field Trips

• Learning Outdoors

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